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Specific Sailing Skills and Focus Classes

Focus Classes provide you with the opportunity to focus on specific elements of sailing according to your needs and interests. You may take any of these classes at any time following Basic Keelboat 2. Classes are typically three-hour to full day.


You may take:


> Docking
> Spinnaker
> Sail Trim
> Night Sailing 
> Heavy Weather Sailing


All our current and past students are eligible to sign up for these classes which are conducted on one of our Colgate 26 Keelboats.


"The course was great. I think the most important thing was that Alan was incredibly knowledgeable and clear in his communication. It was also great that we were on the water almost all the time... There is nothing I would change. And yes, I would recommend the course to anyone."


John Chandler








Docking can be one of the most challenging parts of boating particularly in Charleston Harbor where the tidal current can run up to 3 knots. Nothing can affect the enjoyment of a great day of sailing more than a bungled docking.


Join us for this enlightening hands-on class for honing your docking skills. Learn how to maneuver your vessel safely in close quarters under a variety of winds and currents: the most challenging aspect of docking. And learn on one of the most challenging docks on the east coast.




Half Day: $285 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $275)
Full Day: $475 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $450)





Handling a spinnaker smoothly separates the sailors from the dreamers.

Flying a spinnaker can be daunting to even the most experienced of sailors, yet a swift downwind run is the pinnacle of sailing. Take the mystery out of this gratifying sail and learn to hoist, trim, jibe, and douse the spinnaker.


Become skilled at helming a boat and crew coordination under spinnaker in a variety of conditions. From the foredeck to the helm, you will become competent in all aspects of spinnaker sailing.



Half Day: $285 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $275)
Full Day: $475 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $450)



Sail Trim


All boats stand to gain from better sail trim. Whether for tactical advantage rounding a buoy or making it safely into port ahead of a storm. Maximizing the efficiency of your sails can be both fun and rewarding.


This sailing class allows sailors of all levels to sharpen their trimming skills to make the most of any weather condition.




Half Day: $285 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $275)
Full Day: $475 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $450)


Night Sailing


Harbor Navigation at night helps students to identify objects that appear very different at night from during the day. Students will gain practice judging distances, harbor markings, range markers and sequences in general.


This is an excellent chance to prepare yourself for the next sunset cruise you offer to your friends or family.


Prerequisite: Basic Cruising (hyperlink)




Half Day: $285 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $275)
Full Day: $475 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $450)



Heavy Weather Sailing


When the wind picks up and shifts suddenly, there can be only a split second between understanding the problem and being able to correct it. Good sailors can act instinctively and respond quickly to sudden changes wind, waves, weather, etc. To become a sailor who can respond instinctively to abrupt changes in sailing conditions, honing your skills under both controlled and difficult conditions is extremely helpful.


During this class, Ondeck will create challenges commonly seen in heavy weather and teach you how to handle precarious situations that may arise at sea. Learning through simulated conditions will help prepare you for when you experience unexpected changes at sea.




Half Day: $285 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $275) 
Full Day: $475 (Ondeck Graduate Rate: $450)



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